Removable Chocks for Coolers-Tenders-JetSkis-SeaBobs-Dock Boxes-Cargo

Cooler Chocks

Our standard removable cooler chocks are designed for securing coolers, portable fuel tanks, buckets, bait pails, and cargo on boats and pick up trucks. Made of super strong, highly UV resistant injection molded resins, which will last for many years. Our removable cooler chocks (ice chest tie down, cooler tie down, cooler mounting kits, fuel tank tie downs) allow for a usable and "trip-free" deck when not in use! Perfect for center consoles, flats boats, bass boats, and pick trucks (great for tailgating)!

Tender Chocks 

If you are looking for removable-compact-universal tender chocks, dinghy chocks-davits or jet ski chocks, then look no further! Our patented tender chocks are removable, super light and compact, so they are easy to store in small compartments when not in use, leaving a usable and "trip-free" deck! They are universal design, so they fit most any size/shape tender, dinghy, or jet ski hull. This means no waiting to order, and save big! It also allows using them for various watercraft without changing the chocks (store a tender on them today, store a jet ski on them tomorrow!)

Cantelevered Chocks

We also offer cantilevered chocks for narrower swim platforms.  They have the same "bunks" as our tender chocks, but are integrated with base plates so they can be mounted closer to the edge of the swim platform or deck. Our removable cantilevered chocks still allow for a usable and "trip-free" deck when not in use!

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Bunk Style Tender Chocks 

We offer a longer "bunk style tender chocks", which have two sets of long bunks, instead of 4 smaller chocks/bunks. This allows for more hull support lengthwise. They are also universal in design, so they fit most any size/shape tender, dinghy, or jet ski hull. Bunk style tender chocks are offered in both removable and stationary models (stationary offers a much lower cost option)

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Heavy Duty Chocks

Our heavy duty chocks are designed for securing large coolers, dock boxes, and cargo. They are super strong and made of powder coated cast aluminum/316 marine grade stainless fasteners to withstand the harsh environment! Whether you are looking for a dock box tie down solution, or a large cooler tie down solution, VersaChock is your answer! These removable chocks allow for a usable and "trip-free" deck when not in use!

Seabob Chocks

Our Seabob chocks are designed for securing Seabobs just about anywhere (boat decks, swim platforms, atop hard T-Tops, etc) They are custom designed specifically for Seabob, which fit the exact shape of Seabob's hull. Our removable Seabob chocks allow for a usable and trip-free deck when not in use!

Custom Fabrication

If you have a specific need for customizing any of our stock products, or have something completely new you need designed and fabricated, then we can help! We have complete In-house CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) to design and fabricate your custom products using HDPE (high density polyethylene) Contact us to discuss your needs!


When not using your chocks (tender chocks, dinghy chocks, davits, jet ski chocks, seabob chocks, or heavy duty cooler-dock box chocks) try one of our cool accessories, like a drink holder!

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